What Is Soft Washing And How Is It Different From Pressure Washing?

When it comes to pressure washing, not all washes are the same, and just because your roof or other surface may not be able to withstand the pressure from a good pressure wash, doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a surface you’re unable to clean. For these instances we use soft washing, which helps to remove the same fungi, mildew, mold, and debris from these softer surfaces, but without running the risk of damaging them if a standard pressure wash may.

For algae stains that accumulate on shingle roofs, soft washing is a method that has been used for some time. As a matter of fact, this was the circumstance that brought the concept of soft washing to life. The agitation and pressure from standard pressure washing replicates the same damage that causes these types of roofs to break down over time, and when trying to restore a roof to its original beauty and function, you don’t want to inadvertently damage it. So, instead of using high pressure washing to eliminate algae and other substances from the roof’s surface, and subjecting it to potential damage, soft washing allows the shingles to be cleaned gently, yet effectively.

Using around 400 psi or less, soft washing uses a combination of water and chemical compounds to remove algae, mold, or other stains or growth from your roof in a way that cleans without damaging, while full pressure washing uses a much higher psi and cleaning solutions. To measure, soft washing will typically use around 1/3 of the amount of pressure as a standard pressure washing, as well as softer or less harsh chemicals that aren’t like to damage the shingle roof’s surface.

Soft washing is slowly becoming the way to maintain and clean shingle roofs, when pressure washing these surfaces was the in-demand method of the past. With regular soft washings, your shingle roof will be free of the growth you want to remove, but also kept strong and resilient, so you can rest assured mold isn’t taking over and your shingles are left in good standing before that next big rain storm.

Power Washing Before A Home Sale

Selling your home can be an intimidating and stressful experience for any homeowner. You want your home to sell, you want it to sell quickly, and you want it to generate enough interest with local prospective homebuyers to ensure you’re able to sell for a respectable price compared to its projected value. There are a few things you can do before selling your home to ensure it makes just the right impact on those who may be interested to buy, and one of these things is opting for a full home power washing.

What power washing can do is keep mold and mildew from damaging the structure of the home, while taking away years of built up dirt, grime, and staining from exterior surfaces. What you’re left with after a power washing is a structure that looks fresh and new, standing out as a home that has been well cared for. Driveways, patios, decks, home exteriors, and even patio furniture can all be power washed to provide a clean and stand-out appearance to prospective home buyers.

While home selling can be an intimidating experience, so can home buying, and a touch of comfort is what you’re providing to potential buyers when you power wash your home to prepare for a sale. What the prospective buyer sees in a clean and well cared for property is a home that is more like to be move-in ready, and one less thing that they may have to concern themselves with after their move-in day. Additionally, you’re providing your home with curb appeal to help it to stand out in the minds of the buyer amongst all the other homes they may be seeing.

Opting for a power washing is an excellent way to stage the exterior of your home for a sale, and provide a great first impression to those prospective buyers who may be looking for just the right home in Long Island to call their own. With increased curb appeal, your home will stand out to buyers shopping around the area, and provide them with an option that makes them feel good about investing in a home that has been well cared for by its previous owners. What this increased curb appeal can lead to is increased value, leaving you with a win/win situation pleasing both the buyers’ market and your satisfaction in your sale.

3 Reasons Why Your Home Needs An Air Duct Cleaning

You probably don’t put much thought into your air ducts beyond their ability to warm or cool your home with the touch of a thermostat. How air ducts work is they push air from your HVAC system throughout your home, regulating the temperature and filling the space with temperate air, but have you ever thought about what could be in that air? Most homeowners spend a great deal of time breathing their indoor air, without putting enough thought into what allergens or particles could be slipping by and being inhaled. 3 reasons why your home needs an air duct cleaning are:

1.    Allergies and asthma
If you or members of your family suffer from allergies and asthma, your air ducts could really be exasperating your condition. When even minor or harmless dust particles originating from your air ducts float through the air unseen, they find their way into your lungs, sinuses, and throat irritating already existing conditions or even creating new irritations. You could find yourself with allergy-type symptoms or asthma complications with no known cause, not realizing that the cause is actually hiding in your ducts.

2.    Pets
Millions of homeowners across the United States share their home with at least one pet, and many homes even have multiple furry family members sharing their space. Pet hair and pet dander can find itself trapped in your air ducts easily, building up and being scattered across the home as air pushes through the duct. Even for those who have no prior experience with pet dander allergies, these particles can cause irritation and even cold like symptoms when inhaled over long periods of time.

3.    Mold
Mold is a pesky and unwanted intruder in any home, and your air ducts are the perfect place for mold to thrive. Moisture in the air creates a damp environment, and the dark secluded duct allows the mold to thrive, and spores are given free reign each time air pushes against the mold on its way through the duct. As these mold spores spread, they can find their way into your respiratory system and onto your belongings, creating a situation where you’re experiencing mold exposure symptoms and putting your property at risk. Regular air duct cleanings help to find, eliminate, and protect your home from mold, so you can rest assured that your air is mold-free.

Sealing Your Tile For A Look That Lasts

Tile is one of the most versatile, durable, fashionable, and affordable in the long-run flooring options out there. There is a reason that tile has been used in flooring and décor for thousands of years, and if you have tile in your home, you’ll want to protect it to ensure it retains its lasting beauty and function. Sealing your tile and grout is just what you need to keep your tile flooring protected, and to guarantee that your upkeep remains simple for any schedule.
Grout can be a bit of a challenge to clean, not in skill but in tediousness. To clean your grout, a simple baking soda and water mixture is typically all that’s required, but to meticulously use a nylon bush to hand-scrub all those grout lines is where things get tough. Your tile sealant helps to keep your grout from picking up common foot-traffic stains, and keeps your flooring protected from everyday use, but tile sealant is known to wear away after periods of time in use.

If you use abrasive cleaners to clean your tile flooring, or you don’t sweep regularly, you could be doing your flooring a disservice that is shortening its life. Abrasive cleaners scratch away at sealant, then at tile after the sealant wears away, and leaves your grout open to absorbing difficult to clean stains. If you use all the right cleaners, but you don’t sweep debris from the tile often enough, the constant friction between dirt particles and tile wears your sealant away just as quickly. The best thing you can do for your tile flooring to keep it looking its best is to use gentle cleansers, like a vinegar and warm water solution, soft mop, and regular sweeping to keep your sealant in good standing.

With natural traffic, your tile sealant is going to take a hit, even if you wash correctly, sweep regularly, and care for your tile flooring as it deserves. If you don’t want to face the task of having to brush clean your grout, you’ll want to stay on top of your tile sealing treatments in order to keep that barrier between dirt, debris, and your tile healthy and strong. Yearly or bi-yearly tile and grout sealing with a professional sealing service is recommended to keep both your tile and your grout looking its best for life, providing you the best look and the best function for your tile flooring investment.

5 Reasons To Have A Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpet, you know that it’s pretty impactful part of your home. It helps to insulate and keep your home warm, it provides a comforting flooring surface, and it adds to the aesthetic of any room. What carpet also does, however, is collects dirt and allergens, but you have a simple elimination option with professional carpet cleaning. 5 reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned are:

1.    Gives your carpet a longer life
Replacing and entire room, or even an entire floor, of carpet can be a real inconvenience, and professional carpet cleaning helps to protect your investment. With regular carpet cleaning, you can prolong the life of your existing carpet and keep it looking as fresh as it did on installation day for years to come.2.    Removes staining
Especially in cases of light carpeting, a simple juice spill can really spell disaster. Professional carpet cleaning helps to remove the soiling and staining that builds up on your carpet with regular use, which helps you to save your carpet from the potentially irreversible damage of carpet stains collecting more dirt over time.

3.    Protects the quality of your indoor air
Whenever you’re in your home, you’re breathing your indoor air, which is why most homeowners make keeping their indoor air clean a top priority. Carpet is known to attract dust, dirt, and allergens, which are then kicked up into the air as you walk, sit on, or otherwise interact with the carpet. These airborne particles are known to exasperate allergy or asthma conditions, and can be eliminated or kept to a minimum with regular professional carpet cleanings.

4.    Can help to maintain warranty
If your home carpet comes with a warranty, many carpet warranties have cleaning conditions that require the carpet to be cleaned professionally around every 12 to 18 months. Should anything go wrong with your carpet, depending on your particular warranty, regular cleanings can ensure your carpet is eligible for repair or replacement.

5.    Helps to prepare home for sale
If you’re planning to sell your home, professional carpet cleaning can eliminate allergens, staining, odors, and all other types of carpet buildup that may go unnoticed by those who have grown “blind” to the damages from prolonged exposure. A fresh clean carpet creates a welcoming home environment that prospective buyers look for when trying to find that perfect first impression.

Why You Need Pressure Washing In Long Island

Homes in Long Island can benefit from pressure washing in a variety of ways. With all of the benefits that pressure washing provides, homeowners in Long Island that plan to sell their home, or live in it for many years, can really get quite a bit out of their local pressure washing services. With an average of just over 49 inches of precipitation per year, regular humidity, and plenty of pollution floating through the air from downtown New York City, Long Island homes grow to be in need of a good cleaning more quickly than homeowners realize.

If you’re planning to sell your Long Island home, pressure washing is a necessity. The washing rids the home of molds, mildews, and grime on the outside, making it immediately more attractive to prospective homebuyers, and giving it great curb appeal. Not only this, but it readies the home for a fresh coat of paint, and can even increase your home’s potential selling value by anywhere from 2 to 5%. When buying a home, first impressions can mean everything, and a pressure washing gives you the best first impression potential.

Long Island sees quite a bit of humidity and precipitation throughout the year, and this creates ideal conditions for mold and mildew growth. When mold grows on the outside of your home the spores can easily travel through open windows to the inside of your home, and before you know it you could find yourself with mold damaging your belongings and putting your family’s health at risk. Molds and mildews can also eat away at parts of your home from the outside, compromising the structure of your home and leading to expensive fixes for big damage. With a simple yearly pressure washing, you can stop your home from taking on the damage that the elements have in store.

Long Island homes and Long Island homeowners can really reap the benefits of regular pressure washing services for their property. Not only for homes, pressure washing also helps to control mold and mildew growth, dirt buildup, and staining on decks, patios, driveways, swimming pools, and more. Just about any structure or part of your home that needs regular upkeep and preventative maintenance with pressure washing can receive it, and be kept looking its best while free of damaging surface substances. The elements and what comes along with them are no match for regular pressure washing, and Long Island residents can rest assured that their homes and their properties are always kept in the very best shape.

Everything You Need To Know About Pressure Washing

Most homeowners know what pressure washing is, and maybe what it accomplishes, but fewer know just what pressure washing is all about. The best way to approach the decision to have your house or property pressure washed is to learn a few things about it first, and we have everything you need to know about pressure washing right here.

What Does Pressure Washing Accomplish?
Pressure washing helps to effectively clean and disinfect all of the surfaces on and surrounding your home. Your exterior, deck, sidewalk, driveway, pool, patio, and so much more can be left looking brand new with a pressure washing treatment. When pressure washed, surfaces are left free of bacterial, mold, staining, grime, and mildew, making them look shiny and brand new. Some molds and mildews can eat away at surfaces or the structure of your home, and regular yearly pressure washing sessions can help to remove these substances and act as extremely effective preventative maintenance.Why Can’t I Pressure Wash My Own Property?
At hardware stores and rental facilities, it’s true that you may be able to rent pressure washing machines to use yourself, and you may even consider this the more cost effective plan. What homeowners should keep in mind, however, is that successful pressure washing takes years of experience, and taking on the job yourself can lead to property damage and even injury. If you plan to go from one surface to another, it takes experience to know how to do this effectively without irreparably damaging property.How Long Does A Pressure Washing Job Take?
The time it takes to pressure wash your home, your driveway, or any part of your property will really depend on the size of the area being washed and what type of pressure washing is required. Naturally, pressure washing a home will take longer than pressure washing a deck, and pressure washing a deck will take longer than pressure washing a small patio. Your pressure washing company will be able to determine just how long your job will take when given more information about the particular job at hand.

When Should I Pressure Wash?
Pressure washing your home around once per year is recommended for keeping mold, mildew, bacteria, and grime at bay. Also, if you plan to paint your home, pressure washing can help to ensure a more successful finished product.

5 Benefits Of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a great way to clean and disinfect everything from your swimming pool, to your outdoor furniture, to your entire home’s exterior. Why choose pressure washing over other washing or cleaning methods? The 5 benefits of pressure washing are:

1.    Keeps you and your family healthy.
Pressure washing can relieve surfaces of mildew, mold, and various types of harmful bacteria. On your home, these mold spores can find their way inside, putting your property and health at risk as your interior air and belongings are exposed to spores in the air. On decks, driveway, and patio surfaces, these substances can come in direct contact with your family. A yearly power washing can help to keep this grime at bay and your property clean.2.    Works as preventative maintenance.
Any homeowner can attest to the value of preventative maintenance. Taking care of problems early can save a great deal of money and headache, and power washing is no different. With regular power washing, mildew and other grime won’t be able to stick around and break down the structure of your home from the outside.

3.    Increases value and curb appeal.
If you’re planning to sell your home, a power washing isn’t just beneficial, it could be considered downright necessary. When prospective buyers are looking for a new home to call their own, first impressions really matter, and a home with a fresh power washing is a home that looks clean, well maintained, and move-in ready. According to Consumer Reports, power washing your home can increase its value by around 2 to 5%.

4.    Saves you time.
If you’re planning to wash the deck, the driveway, or the sidewalk, opting for a professional power washing can save you some serious time. Without power washing, you’ll need to mix up a solution, and plan to scrub the day away, while the same job can be done even more efficiently for a literal fraction of the time with a power washer.

5.    Get those hard to reach areas.
Some areas around your property can be difficult to reach for any multitude of reasons. While it’s tough for you to get to, it’s certainly not tough for mold and mildew to get to, which means that you’ll need to figure out a way to clean it anyway. With power washing, simply adjust the nozzle to point in a different direction, and reaching these difficult areas is made a breeze.

3 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Pressure Washing Company

If you want to get the most out of your pressure washing service, there are a few questions you should ask of the service companies you’re considering to ensure you’re receiving the very best fit. Not all power washing services are alike, and homeowners should always strive to do what’s best for their particular home, and this includes power washing.  Three questions to ask your pressure washing company before hiring them to complete your job are:

1.    Are your cleanings tailored to different surfaces?
If you’re planning to have your home’s exterior pressure washed, then your deck, then your driveway, you’ll want to make sure your chosen pressure washing company tailors their cleanings to different surfaces. The type of pressure washing needed to effectively clean an asphalt driveway will be too much for a softer home exterior, and you’ll want effective cleaning without damage. A pressure washing company that offers both pressure washing and soft washing is best if you plan to have multiple surfaces cleaned.2.    Do you have testimonials, references, or reviews?
The best way to gauge what type of experience you can expect is to look back on first hand experiences of past customers. A well-rounded and established pressure washing company will have testimonials or reviews you can read or access to give you peace of mind that the company leaves behind plenty of positive experiences in their wake. A company that leaves behind happy customers is a company that can be trusted to leave your home in great condition.

3.    What processes and materials do you use?
Learning the process and the materials used by your chosen pressure washing company can help you to determine if their process is right for your family and your home. By learning the process, you can also learn more about what type of experience you can expect from start to finish.

When any service is being performed on the home, it’s important for homeowners to be kept in the know. By asking the right questions of your pressure washing company, you’re ensuring a satisfactory and trustworthy experience that grants you everything you want out of your clean and well-maintained home.

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