Can You Really Pressure Wash Your Roof?

When most people think of pressure washing, they think of using a pressure washer to clean of things like their deck or patio furniture. And heavier pressure wands can even peel paint from siding in some cases. But what about your roof? It’s something that isn’t considered when it comes to pressure washing, but with today’s newer techniques and the right team on your side, pressure washing your roof is a very real possibility.

Why Is It Worth Doing?
The first question many might ask is simply why pressure washing a roof is a worthwhile consideration. The answer is easy to understand – it helps preserve the lifespan of the roof and prevents future damages from occurring. Not only that, but your home’s roof has a very real impact on its curb appeal and by cleaning it you’ll be able to help improve the way your property looks.

Mold, dirt, moss, and debris can all build up on shingles, metal, and tile roofs. No matter the type of material on the top of your home, these buildups can cause water to pool up and lead to leaks as well as damage to the surfaces.

The Pressure Washing Solution
Pressure washing a roof utilizes a technique that is known as soft washing. This refers to the amount of pressure applied by the wand’s nozzles. In soft washing, a lower pressure nozzle is used. This allows detergents to be added to the wash and also helps clean the roof without the higher pressures that can potentially damage roofing materials.

With soft washing, you get a cleaner roof that will look as good as new, but don’t’ have to risk blasting away caulk, seals, or the protective surfaces of shingles. In short, it offers the easiest way to get a clean roof quickly and safely.

The Professional Difference
Pressure washing is wet, skillful work. One wrong pass with a blast of high pressure water can damage roofs and other parts of your home easily. That’s one of the key reasons that it’s best left to the pros – you know that the work will be done correctly and without risk to your home.

But it’s also worth remembering that when you trust in the pros, you avoid putting yourself at risk as well. Working on a roof can be dangerous, and letting professionals take care of the job means that you can keep your feet safely on the ground.

The Bottom Line
The bottom line is simple – few things can revitalize a roof quite like a good pressure washing. And today’ soft washing options mean that it’s safer than ever to get a great clean on your roof.

The Top Uses For Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is one of the most versatile processes for any homeowner to consider and has numerous applications in and around your property. Whether you’re about to start a major remodeling project or just think that part of your home could use a little TLC, pressure washing is a solution worth looking at.

It surprises some people to learn just how many different uses there are for pressure washing. Here’s a look at 6 of the best ways to let pressure washing help your home look amazing.

1.    Decking
Re-staining and sealing decking is important for keeping them in the best possible shape, but first they need to be cleaned completely. Pressure washing does this easily, and can even remove old stain for a brand new look.

2.    Siding
A home’s siding can easily grow mold, mildew, and more. It can also need a fresh coat of paint from time to time. Pressure washing keeps vinyl siding looking good as new, and prepares wood siding for a new coat of paint.

3.    Driveways
Cleaning driveways helps to keep them visible, attractive, and safe. Pressure washing makes it easy to blast away dirt and debris. It’s also a good option when parking lots need to be repainted.

4.    Furniture
Outdoor furniture can be easily damaged by the elements, whether it’s from mold, mud, or pets. Pressure washing helps remove any filth and give your furniture back its luster.

5.    Automobiles
High pressure washing should never be used on cars, but with soft washing techniques it’s possible to clean a car gently while still getting the dirt and grime off.

6.    Roofing
Your home’s roof is its first defense against the elements, and it’s important to keep it in the best shape possible. Just as with autos, high pressure shouldn’t be used in this situation. However, soft washing is available and can revitalize any roof.

These are 6 of the best options for pressure washing around your home. No matter what you need cleaned, it’s likely that thanks to today’s soft washing options you’ll be able to rely on pressure cleaning to get the job done. If any part of your property needs a facelift, it’s best to begin with a good deep clean. And the best way to do that is with pressure washing service from the professionals.

Understanding The Basics Of Soft Washing

Pressure washing has been a key part of home maintenance for decades. However, there are more types of pressure washing than some might realize at first. One option that deserves some attention is soft washing. This method of pressure washing involves using a lower pressure nozzle on the pressure washing wand and is useful in a number of applications.

The lower pressure of soft washing means that it won’t carry the same risks of scarring wood or damaging softer materials. As such, it’s a perfect type of pressure washing for things like:

  • Washing cars
  • Cleaning furniture
  • Cleaning windows
  • Washing siding when you don’t want to remove paint or stain from it

In short, any time that a home cleaning project needs pressure, but not so much that the surface could be damaged, soft washing is a good option. And since detergent is cycled through the washer and out the nozzle, it adds an extra level of cleanliness to the process. If additional cleaning power is needed, use of a scrub brush is an option that can be used as well.

One of the best uses for soft washing is on roofs. Roofs must stand up to a tremendous amount of elemental damage. Rain, wind, hail, and the sun can lead to significant buildups of dirt, mold, moss, debris, and more. Removing the filth is important for protecting your home’s roof, but it’s not always a good fit for pressure washing. The reason is that the higher pressure can damage roof shingles, flashing, caulk, and more.

But with soft washing techniques, you are able to remove all dirt and debris without having to worry about damaging roofing materials. You get a cleaner roof without the risk of damage that can lead to leaks.

However, soft washing is still a skill that deserves close attention and a professional’s touch. Knowing how to properly use the pressure washer as well as the steps needed to stay safe on the roof will be key for getting the best results. As such, turning to the pros is always in your best interests.

The bottom line is simple – even though some situations may not seem like they are a good opportunity for pressure washing, soft washing makes it much easier to get clean surfaces without the risk of property damage. It’s worth taking a closer look at for any homeowner.

What You Need To Know Before You Start Any Pressure Washing Job

Pressure washing isn’t always thought of as a ‘must-do’ job around the home, but the reality is that it’s actually one of the most versatile ways to enhance, protect, and even revitalize your property. Professional pressure washing can make a huge difference on your property, and as such it’s well worth learning more about it.

With that in mind, there are a few things that you’ll want to know before you contact our team of experts. This will help you know what to expect, understand more about the process, and know what pressure washing can and can’t do.

  • Pressure washing is an integral part of preparing surfaces for new painting or staining. A clean surface is vital for the best, most even application of your new color. Pressure washing is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to prepare surfaces.
  • Pressure washing is also a good choice when you need to clean a surface that has accumulated dirt, mold, or mildew growth. Surfaces like vinyl siding, for example, don’t generally need to be repainted. But to give them back their former glory, a total cleansing is important. Pressure washing allows you to do so without the need for scrubbing.
  • Pressure washing can be done with a ‘soft wash’ that uses lower levels of pressure. This is a good option when things like roofs, windows, delicate siding, and other objects need to be cleaned but can’t handle higher pressure levels.
  • With an experienced pressure washer taking care of a job, most projects can be finished up in a few hours or a day at most. After drying completely, the next step of your project will be ready to go. This helps you avoid scraping or chipping away debris or old paint.
  • It’s always in your best interests to let a pro handle the pressure washing. The high intensity jets of water can quickly damage wood, glass, and even ceramics. One mistake can lead to a nasty scar in your surface.
  • With the right techniques and the right pros handling the work, you can use pressure washing on virtually any part of your home – roof, decking, exterior walls, windows, lawn furniture, driveways, and more.

The bottom line is that pressure washing is one of the best ways to clean any part of your home. However, it’s not something that can always be handled in a DIY manner. To get the best results, be sure you know what to expect and that you trust in the best pros available.

Why You Need To Trust The Pros For Pressure Cleaning Projects

One of the great things about American homeowners is the DIY ethic that they bring to their property on almost every day. But there are some things that simply aren’t worth trying on your own – things that are just best left to the pros.

While it may not be high on the list, the fact is that pressure washing is one of those things that is best left to the pros. It seems easy enough at first glance, but the reality is that pressure washing is more involved and specific than many realize. Simply put, it’s something that you’re better off letting professionals take care of for you.

If you’re not convinced, just take a look at some of the primary benefits that are experienced when letting pros handle your pressure cleaning projects – no matter the size of the job.

  • First of all, you won’t’ run the risk of damaging your home. Knowing when to use soft washing or traditional pressure washing techniques is important, and even when pressure washing hard surfaces there is a chance that you can make a single mistake and damage it severely. Pros understand the proper techniques to get a clean surface without damaging it.
  • Pressure washing is hard work. It’s wet, can take hours, and can even be dangerous if taking place on areas like roofs. With professional help, you can spend your day taking care of other projects or doing other things while your pressure washing team handles the hard, wet work.
  • Different detergents are best for different situations, and letting professionals handle your pressure washing needs means that they will be able to use the right cleansers for the right situation.
  • Investing in a pressure washer for a single project is a big expense that probably isn’t needed. Even renting one can cost you considerably, and you still need to invest in the cleaners that go with it. It’s easier and more economical to just let the pros take care of the job for you.

Simply put, letting professionals pressure wash your home means that you get a better result that will take less time and often cost less money. Whether you’re about to restain a deck or just want to get mold and mildew off of your vinyl siding, pressure washing is the solution you’re looking for. And letting the pros do the work is the best way to make sure you succeed.

The Difference A Clean Roof Makes

There are some things that are easy for homeowners to take for granted. Electricity, running water, and other aspects of your home are so convenient that we never even think about them until something happens and they’re gone.

Another part of the home that is often ignored unless a problem presents itself is the roof. It’s one of the most important parts of your home, but it’s easy to forget that regular maintenance is a key part of home ownership.

One of the easiest – and most vital – things that you can do to keep your roof in great shape is simply to keep it clean, and few options exist for doing so than cleaning it completely with a good pressure wash using soft washing techniques.

Why It Matters
If you’re not convinced that a clean roof matters, consider a few of the main reasons that it does to see just why it’s so important to invest in roof cleaning from time to time.

  • A roof stands up to a lot of the elements, but over time it can begin to grow mold or mildew. This can make the roof slicker and can lead to loss in the surfaces of shingles which will protect the home from damage.
  • Moss growth is also possible, as are collections of leaves and other debris – particularly under eaves or in valleys. When this occurs, it’s possible for water to pool up behind the debris. This can lead to leaks and to significant roof damage.
  • A home just doesn’t look its best when the roof is discolored, dirty, or moldy. Cleaning it helps keep your home looking its best for you. This helps you enjoy it, adds to your sense of pride, and will help if you decide to sell the home later.

The Right Steps for A Cleaner Roof
Pressure washing is the best way to remove moss, mold, and other issues. But high-pressure washes can lead to serious damage to roof tiles and might even cause a warranty to become void. Instead, it’s best to use a soft wash technique that utilizes lower pressure with fungicidal soaps.

A professional pressure washing service will be able to use the right amount of pressure and the right detergents to give your home’s roof the cleaning it deserves and leave it looking good as new. You may not see it all the time, but it’s important not to forget about your roof and keeping it in the best shape possible.

Is A Soft Wash Or Pressure Wash Better For You?

Most homeowners are already well aware of just how important it is to keep their home’s surfaces clean. From patios to roofs to siding to picnic tables, your exterior surfaces see a lot of punishment every year and cleaning them will help them look their best.

But what many may not know is that there are two different types of pressure washing that the pros use today. Each has its pros and cons, and each is more suited to a different situation. With that in mind, taking a closer look at them will help you determine which is the best choice for your needs.

Traditional Pressure Washing
When most people think of pressure washing, this is what they think of. The traditional method uses high-pressure hoses to blast away difficult to remove dirt, grime, mold, moss, organisms, and even old paint or stain. It may incorporate chemical detergents as well, but at its core, the main focus is on using high pressure to get the job done.

Soft Wash Pressure Washing
Soft washing refers to a type of pressure washing that is gaining popularity. In it, a special nozzle is used that delivers much lower levels of water pressure to the surface. Instead of high pressure, detergents and cleaning agents are used to help kill organisms and remove stains. Then, the lower pressure washes away the residues.

Which Is Right For You?
Each type of pressure wash is good for different scenarios. In general, soft washes are best for areas that are sensitive to potential damage such as roofs, windows, and even decks or siding wherein the homeowner wants the stain or paint to remain in place.

Traditional pressure washing is better in situations where damage to surfaces will be minimal or nonexistent, especially when handled by a professional. Siding, stripping stain or paint from a deck for refinishing, and other similar applications are the best choices for this type of wash.

The best way to determine which is right for your needs is to speak to an expert and talk to them about what you need. DIY pressure washing could lead to serious damage on your property, and may not even provide the best results. As such, trusting in the pros is a good way to solve the problem, get your home cleaned properly, and ensure that the right method of cleaning is used.

A Closer Look At Soft Wash Pressure Washing

A clean house is a happy house, and making sure that your home looks its best is incredibly important for anyone. However, it’s not always easy to do. Nature can lead to significant issues with a home, including mold or moss growth, discolorations, and more. For years, pressure washing has been one of the most important ways to keep a home looking its best.

But it’s not always a great option. Certain parts of a home aren’t built to withstand the high intensity that pressure washing can bring, and damage can occur to areas like windows, roofs, and even some decks.

As such, it’s often worth thinking about using a soft wash system instead of traditional pressure washing. Taking a closer look at this option could be exactly what’s needed to help you find a better way to give your home a cleaner look.

What Is A Soft Wash?
Soft washing gets its name because it doesn’t use traditional high pressure to blast away dirt, grime, and debris. Instead, soft wash pressure washing uses a lower pressure nozzle combined with soaps or earth-friendly chemicals. These mixtures kill organisms that lead to most problems on home exteriors – moss, mold, mildew, and so on.

Once the organisms are killed, the lower pressure water removes them and leaves the surface of a home looking as good as new. Lower pressure doesn’t mean less effective – it just means that the washing process itself will be lower intensity and carry less potential for damage.

The Big Benefit of Soft Washing
The primary reason to use a soft wash is simple – it protects your home from potential damage. A high-pressure wash done incorrectly can damage wooden surfaces within an instant, leaving behind unsightly scars.

And with certain areas such as roofs or windows, high pressure can lead to major destruction and cause more problems than were present before. As a result, it’s worth taking steps to avoid these risks and focus instead on a gentler method of cleaning.

The Bottom Line
The simple fact is that your home deserves to look its best, but some places just can’t stand up to what a hard, high-pressure wash does. For those situations, a soft wash is a better choice. It will still help your home look amazing, but without the added risks. If your home is in need of a good cleaning, soft washes are one aspect to seriously consider.

How Pressure Washing Can Help To Make You Healthier

Pressure washing helps your paint job to last longer, soft washing helps your roof to hold up to all seasonal conditions, and both give your home a nice fresh look. Did you know, however, that pressure washing isn’t all for aesthetics, and that it can help to make your home a healthier place as well? A healthy home is a happy home, and just as washing the inside of your home helps to keep you healthy, washing the outside does the same.

Pressure washing is great at removing mold, mildew, algae, and other allergens that grow on your home from the outside. Mold especially thrives in all different sorts of outdoor conditions, and will easily make the exterior of your home its home if given the opportunity. Once mold begins growing on the outside, mold spores multiply in the air, and on those nice days when the windows are open, make their way inside to begin taking over your interior space. Once mold gets inside you’ll feel, see, and smell what it can do to your home, creating a much costlier cleanup process than if the mold were eliminated from the outside.

Unfortunately, the interior of the average home has the perfect settings already in place for mold. The home is kept at a nice even temperature, there are plenty of dark nooks and crannies for the mold to thrive, and there is food everywhere. Mold feeds on cellulose material, the same found in wood, books, clothing, carpet, and so much more, all things found readily in any area of your home. When mold gets in and starts feeding, it ruins these materials, causing costly property damage wherever the mold takes root. While indoor mold can be eliminated through remediation processes, the property will often be a lost cause.

Mold spores also cause respiratory problems and concerns which can become emergency situations for those with existing respiratory conditions or immune system deficiencies. Sore throats, asthma attacks, sinus congestion that doesn’t go away, and headaches can all have a root cause in exposure to mold spores.

How can you help to save your home from falling victim to a mold invasion? Taking care of the mold on the outside with pressure or soft washing can help to eliminate it the simple way, before it comes in, takes hold, and you’re left with a much messier mold problem.

Pressure Washing As Part Of The Home Staging Process

If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, you’re probably wondering what you can do to create a space that entices buyers and increases your home’s value. Pressure washing can help to give your home just the facelift it needs to draw the buyer in, and just the service it needs to help it sell at a price that is better suited to both the buyer and the seller. Staging your home is a great way to help prospective buyers to fall in love with the space, and one part of the staging process you should never forget is staging the outside with a pressure washing service.

When staging your home’s exterior, you may first think of giving your home a fresh coat of paint, but what many homeowners don’t know is that pressure washing is a lesser investment that can give your home the look of a fresh paint job while actually helping the existing paint job to last longer. Your home may not actually need an entire painting upgrade, but a way to wash away the dirt, mildew, and debris that is making the existing paint job look dull and in need of replacement. Additionally, washing away these surface-harming materials will help the actual paint job to look more vibrant for longer periods of time.

Pressure washing also sends the message of a well taken care of home, which is something the prospective homebuyer wants to see when making the biggest investment of their lives. A home with mold and mildew growing on the outside will send the message of problems on the inside, and this could turn away buyers that would otherwise be interested in the home you’re trying to sell. By investing in pressure washing, you’re telling the prospective buyer that this is a home that was well cared for by you, and one that is move-in ready for them.

When staging your home for a sale, always try to put yourself in the buyers’ shoes. Just as you would want a cared for home you can feel good about investing in, so do they, and that is just what a fresh pressure washing lets them know.